For decades, Lisa Cron has been the person authors and filmmakers turn to when they need their story to captivate an audience. Her books, Wired for Story and Story Genius, outline the framework that makes a story suck you in and smack you in the heart.

If you want an audience to react to you, tell them a story. It’s neuroscience. Our brains are wired to react to stories with emotion, compassion, and empathy. …

I should have known. Every time men tell women they’re inherently better at something, it’s always a con, isn’t it?

You are just better at cooking! Remember when I washed the strawberries with soap?

It was earlier today while I was writing this post, eating lunch, uploading a video for our course on financial literacy, texting an investor, and recording session three of our upcoming course “The Burn Out, Opt Out” with Nataly Kogan, when I heard Nataly say:

“….Let’s talk about some of the most common things that unnecessarily drain our energy. The first one is my favorite: Multitasking…

I take New Year’s Resolutions seriously.

In January, the Chairman Mom community always has interesting threads and accountability groups pop up, aimed at helping women be their best selves. (Here’s one for this year!)

This year I want to share a new tool to get your New Year’s resolution on track: NeedHop, a marketplace that allows you to compensate people for their time instead of “picking their brain” for free over coffee. …

The PR game has changed. The things that used to work are no longer scalable and repeatable, customers and employees are quick to call out brands on their mistakes, and it’s hard to know where to invest your time and resources in the crowded media landscape. But if you master these ten things, then you can seize opportunity in every news feed and build a brand that everyone wants to talk to.

  1. Knowing your story and how to tell it. Do you have a framework to figure out what your story is and how to tell it, whether that’s a…

We have a core value at Chairman Mom: We don’t want to play nice with the world as it is, we want to remake it so that it’s more fair. And, we believe, if it’s more fair it will also be better for everyone.

Today, we are introducing something that will change the world for 10 founders. But we think the ripple effects will be huge.

Chairman Mom is partnering with Janice Fraser to launch Chairman Mom Advance, a virtual startup accelerator that’s designed specifically to give a leg up to underrepresented founders. In this proven and incredibly powerful 10-week…

For the first twenty years of my career, I was mostly in male-dominated spaces. I’ve written for publications like BusinessWeek and TechCrunch. Even my own investigative journalism startup, Pando, had an 85% male audience.

It’s not that life in the patriarchy didn’t serve me. I had a great career, was one of the few women to successfully raise venture capital, and even did well enough to buy a house in San Francisco. I was a lucky exception in many ways, working hard and taking risks, but also coasting on privilege and a network I’d spent 20 years building. I was…

Mama needs her coffee, y’all…

Even before COVID, working mothers were too-often trapped in a double bind.

Bind one: To be a “good employee” meant being 100% beholden to her boss at all times. Bind two: Being a “good mom” meant being 100% beholden to her kids.

The result: If you want to work and have kids and are a woman, the only option is failure. The only question you have to answer is if you want to fail in both spheres or just one.*

But, as it turns out, those were the good ol’ days. When schools were in session, when women had a…

If you’ve joined the many Americans who have plunged themselves into anti-racism work this summer, you’ve likely learned a lot about the coded ways politicians began to talk about race after the violence in the Civil Rights movement was televised and the idea of being explicitly racist developed a social stigma.

“War on drugs”

“Wellfare moms”


“Inner city”

These were all words that politicians used when they were justifying policies that disproportionately impacted people of color. …

I read something interesting in Fortune’s Broadsheet newsletter about the absurd idea that Kamala Harris having ambitions to become President should disqualify her from…. uh, being Vice President. You know, the job that’s main role is to be a backup to the President? Never mind she would be the running mate of…. a guy who was once Vice President and is now running for President and yet was somehow never knocked as “too ambitious.”

Women see this for what it is. We’re used to it and tired of it. But we’re not surprised by it, are we?

But here was…

It’s 2020, and we’re in a brass knuckled fight for racial justice, truth, and science. We’re all locked in our homes, and our kids are fighting through Zoom fatigue to retain the right to get an education. A million more people lost their jobs last week, and no one cared.

We lost one-third of the overall national economy last quarter. And more than 180,000 are dead from Covid — far more per capita than any other industrialized, wealthy nation. In San Francisco, some estimates are that more than 40% of small businesses have closed down in the last six months…

Sarah Lacy

I'm the founder of Pando and Chairman Mom.

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